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Sean O’Connell, PhD

Dr. Sean O’Connell is a seasoned healthcare professional with 35 years of expertise spanning immunology, cell biology, regenerative medicine, and tissue repair. As Founder and President of O’Connell Consultants, LLC – Dr. O’ Connell has advised dozens of leading biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and tissue engineering companies on R&D strategy, clinical translation, compliance, and commercial planning for innovative cell therapies and healthcare services. Through this work, he has provided interim leadership and direction to startups and large cap companies alike, accelerating the bench-to-bedside transition of breakthrough technologies.

Additionally, as Chief Scientist at Aegle Research/ICIG, Dr. O’Connell currently spearheads commercialization efforts for pioneering immune cell cancer therapies, regenerative medicines, and global healthcare centers. His prior leadership roles include Chief Science Officer at Vertical Spine, Chief Medical Officer at Cascade Medical Enterprises, and Director of Medical Affairs for Novartis’ Transplantation/Tissue Engineering Business Unit. Dr. O’Connell has also served as SVP, Medical Direction, for Integrated Communications Corp. (ICC/IPG) and was COO and Co-Founder of Heartland BioTechnologies, LLC, a drug discovery start-up.

Dr. O’Connell received his PhD in cancer immunology and molecular biology from Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey at New Brunswick (now Rutgers Medical school). With 65+ peer-reviewed academic papers and extensive research funding from organizations including NJ Cancer Commission and Sandoz, Dr. O’Connell is a recognized expert in his areas of focus.

Through his sizable industry accomplishments, consulting experience at companies of all stages, and commitment to advancing healthcare technologies from ideas into patient impact, Dr. O’Connell delivers demonstrated capabilities that make him an outstanding addition to guide Merakris’ pioneering pipeline forward.