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Our Company

Merakris Therapeutics, based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is a leader in researching, developing, and marketing regenerative healthcare products. We are pioneering commercially scalable biotherapeutic technologies derived from stem cells that promote homeostasis in damaged tissue. Our vision is to improve global patient care and outcomes through the pioneering and innovation of cellular regenerative biotechnologies.

Merakris Therapeutics strives to:

  • Be a leader in the research and development of regenerative medicine.
  • Deliver effective medical therapies that require fewer treatments and help to improve patient outcomes, while reducing the overall cost of care.
  • Educate patients and healthcare providers about the benefits of alternative therapies and regenerative medicine in comparison to standard or more invasive treatment options.


The leadership team at Merakris Therapeutics has years of experience in cell and tissue processing, with a proven track record of advancing regenerative healthcare research and introducing innovative healthcare products that improve patient care and outcomes.


Merakris is committed to quality and safety. All donated tissue is screened by laboratories that are certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) using FDA licensed tests.


To improve global patient care and outcomes through the pioneering and innovation of cellular regenerative biotechnologies.

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