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We are pioneering the future of regenerative medicine

Our mission is to transform the lives of patients with first-of-its kind cell-free wound care therapeutics

Harnessing the power of cell-derived molecules

The future of regenerative medicine isn’t just about the cell; it’s about the regenerative potential of the cell-secreted proteins.

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At Merakris Therapeutics we lead the way by harnessing the power of cell-derived proteins and nano vesicles from immunologically privileged tissues to develop first-of-its kind biological drugs for wound care.

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Our cutting-edge wound care solutions leverage the barrier properties of human amniotic membranes to protect soft tissues. Our products, Opticyte Matrix and Dermacyte Matrix, stand as the top choices for healthcare care providers to optimize treatments in ophthalmology and advanced wound care.

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Advanced wound care and ophthalmic extracellular matrix allograft technology

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We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships–sharing our vision to bring groundbreaking therapies to those in need.