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Opticyte Amniotic Ocular Matrix

Harnessing the power of amniotic tissue to advance ocular care

Opticyte Matrix is Designed for Patient Comfort

Opticyte Matrix is a human extracellular matrix derived from amniotic tissue for the protection of corneal surfaces. The matrix acts as a protective barrier to shield the ocular surface from the external environment.

Why Opticyte Matrix?

Minimally processed to preserve the biological characteristics of amniotic tissue

Shelf-stable at room temperature for 5 years

Reimbursement assistance support

Convenient barrier for various corneal defects

Clinical applications of Opticyte Matrix

Opticyte Matrix is trusted by healthcare professionals as a corneal barrier allograft for various conditions including:

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Non-healing corneal wounds
Corneal ulcers
25+ Applications

Opticyte Ocular Matrix Product Sizes

Item Number Matrix Size
AM-OP1008 8 mm
AM-OP1010 10 mm
AM-OP1012 12 mm
AM-OP1014 14 mm
AM-OP1016 16 mm
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Reimbursement and Support for Opticyte

Merakris offers a comprehensive reimbursement support for providers using Opticyte. To get your copy, complete this form.

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