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Merakris Therapeutics Wound Care portfolio is based on our proprietary advancements in amniotic fluid processing. We work with world-class academic institutions for a ready supply of product, produced to stringent quality standards.

Dermacyte® Liquid

Wound care amniotic fluid

Dermacyte® Amniotic Wound Care Liquid (Dermacyte Liquid) is an acellular, sterile-filtered human amniotic fluid allograft.

This non-structural isotonic fluid consists of amino acids, peptides, proteins, (including growth factors and enzymes), carbohydrates (including hyaluronic acid), lipids, metabolites, and electrolytes.

Dermacyte Liquid is used as a protective cushion and lubricant to minimize shear stress in and around the wound bed. It supports the migration of endogenous cells into the wound bed from surrounding tissues. Dermacyte Liquid is intended to provide an optimal environment for the wound bed and to restore tissue homeostasis.

Dermacyte Liquid is intended for use as a lubricant and protective cushion for the surrounding tissues.

Merakris offers a comprehensive Reimbursement Guide for providers using Dermacyte.

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Dermacyte Liquid and Matrix are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a minimally manipulated human allograft tissue under its Human Cells, Tissues, and Tissue-Based Products (HCT/P) guidelines, subject to Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act and 21 CFR 1270 and 1271.