Our Focus

Intellectual Property & Assets

Merakris was founded on innovative and novel tissue processing and manufacturing—and the promise these hold for new therapeutic developments.

We believe that the breadth and strength of our patent portfolio is a key differentiator. Contact us to learn more about our intellectual property.

Areas of Focus

Merakris Therapeutics turns pioneering research into innovative regenerative healthcare products and solutions for improved patient care and outcomes. 

These are just a few of the areas we are currently investigating.

Fractionated Amniotic Fluid

Merakris Therapeutics’ tissue engineering technology, MTL-007A/B involves the isolation of amniotic micro-vesicles, specifically amniotic fluid exosomes, and soluble amniotic fluid proteins to activate phenotypic changes in target cells. Discovered by Merakris’ lead scientist, this technology represents a first-in-class approach to precision wound healing by activating epithelial to mesenchymal transition pathways necessary to support early-stage wound healing then mesenchymal to epithelial transition to support late-stage healing and keratinization.

Merakris is conducting early phase research using MTL-007A/B to address soft tissue repair, ocular, and musculoskeletal regeneration needs in areas that have unmet clinical needs and rare patient populations to significantly improve patient outcomes.

co-cultured Amniotic stem Cell Conditioned Media

Merakris’ MTL-005 system is a novel technology that is being developed by Merakris’ scientific team, and aims to generate scalable and targeted manufacturing of amniotic proteins and micro-vesicles that may be used as a platform technology.

Through Merakris’ lead scientist, the company has developed an amniotic stem cell co-culture system designed to mimic the in utero environment in an advanced in vitro bioprocess. The system utilizes Merakris’ optimized culture system to combine amniotic fluid-derived stem cells and amniotic epithelial stem cells. They are cultured in a manner in which they interact synergistically to secrete a novel proteome the company is purifying for targeted therapeutic formulations.

The Company is exploring additional primary cell sources from immune privileged tissue to evaluate proteomic changes that may or may not enhance its underlying technology.


Merakris’ advanced purification processes harvests amniotic proteins and miRNA components that are encapsulated in exosomes. The company then suspends these components in a buffered solution  forming a novel anti-aging hydrogel system called Celexoderm™.

Through a collaborative effort with industry leading consumer care organizations, the company has developed an advanced peptide and exosome hydrogel that targets aging by awakening senescent skin cells into a regenerative state, promoting collagen synthesis to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The Company has conducted a series of in vitro studies for which it has advanced its product development efforts toward a first-in-class, skin rejuvenation system, Celexoderm™.